December 20, 2018

Pilot Guidelines

As a pilot, you’re require to download IVAP software and read the manual inside the ivap installation folder.

Instrument Flight Rules (IFR)

1. You should file a flight plan before starting an IFR flight.

2. IFR means that you fly and navigate to your destination by means of Navigational aids such as VOR beacons, NDB Beacons and Intersections.

3. Minimum levels :

– Except when necessary for take-off or landing, an IFR flight shall be flown at a level which is not below the minimum flight altitude.

– Over high terrain or in mountainous areas, at a level which is at least 600 m (2 000 FT) above the highest obstacle located within 8 km of the estimated position of the aircraft.

4. In Controlled airspace, under IFR shall maintain the altitude or flight level assigned to that aircraft by ATC.

5. Outside Controlled airspace, all pilot must monitor Unicom (122.800) at all time and Semi-circular rules applies in Malaysia airspace.

6. Cruising level within Kuala Lumpur and Kinabali Fir :

7. Quandrantal cruising level in uncontrolled airspace for Kuala Lumpur and Kinabalu Fir below FL250 :

– IFR and VFR flight above 3000 ft and below FL250 outside controlled airspace.

Take note :

– FL115, 120 and 125 not available for use as cruising within the transition layer.

Visual Flight Rules (VFR)

1. You should file a flight plan before starting an VFR flight.

2. VFR flights shall NOT be operated between sunset and sunrise in all airspace:
– above FL 150 in all controlled airspace
– above FL 250 in uncontrolled airspace
Otherwise Quandrantal Rule applies.

3. Cruising level up to FL150 within controlled airspace :

Note: VFR shall NOT be operated by day above FL150 within controlled airspace.

Airspace classes in Kuala Lumpur and Kinabalu fir :

– Airspace class D, E and F are not use d in Kuala Lumpur and Kinabalu Fir.

Standard Radio Communication you can find here